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Hinds Dual Credit Enrollment


Rankin County School District is currently partnered with Hinds Community College to provide dual credit options to students throughout the district. Students should check with their counseling office to see what courses are offered at his/her home school. 

You may contact the counselor at your home school with any questions related to Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit programs or the counselor at your home school.

Student Enrollment Documentation

Students must have all documentation listed below before he/she can be registered for courses with Hinds Community College

1. Student Application - completed online through Hinds Community College website (www.hindscc.edu)


2. Student Letter of Recommendation

Students should have completed 10 core units of school work and demonstrate both academic and social readiness for college level coursework. This document is completed at the home school by the student's counselor.

3. Student ACT Placement Requirements - click the link below for the requirements for placement in dual credit courses

ACT Placement Requirements

4. Student Transcript 

5. Student Forms

These forms are to be signed by a parent/guardian of the student enrolling in dual credit courses. The student-parent agreement provides the outline for all policies students must understand and follow throughout their enrollment in DC courses. The FERPA waiver authorizes Hinds Community College to release student educational records to the people listed on the form. 

DC Student-Parent Agreement

DC Ferpa Waiver

Student Withdrawal Information

Students deciding to withdraw from a dual credit course will need to complete the RCSD withdrawal form in their counselor's office, as well as take care of their withdrawal on the Hinds website (through their My.Hinds account) or in person on a Hinds campus. 

Please be aware that withdrawal from a course may affect student ability to receive financial aid in the future and/or college transcripts.

Other Information:  

Dual Credit Course Descriptions

Graduation Requirements